Registration / Check-in                  Fri.    June 16th  1:00-6:00 PM
Gondola Base Village                    Sat.  June 17th   7:00-9:00 AM                                               
610 Bunker Ave. Kellogg, ID          Sun. June 18th   7:00-9:00 AM

You will need to mark all  gas cans identification; and then  load them into pilot vehicle trailer
9:15 AM -
Be geared up and ready to depart from parking Lot across the street for bike parade to mountain
10:00 AM - 
Arrive at Alpine Haus Lodge at the top of Silver Mountain  (fuel bikes, etc. in prep for race)
10:45 AM -
Proceed to Starting Line – you will be called individually to the starting line along with the other racers in your class. 
11:00 AM -
Race will start in class waves approximately 5-7 minutes apart
3:00 PM –
Stix & Stones staff riders will begin to sweep ride the course (this will happen earlier if it is determined that the majority of racers have completed the race)
4:00 PM* –
All riders assemble in lodge parking lot –  make sure  you have loaded your gas cans back  into the trailer of the pilot vehicle

4:15 PM* – Parade assembly leaves mountain to return to town

5:00 PM* – Arrive back at Gondola Base parking lot
6:00 PM* –
Trophy ceremony above Noah’s in the Gondola Village
*(Please note that the departure times and time for trophy ceremonies are approximate.   If the race finishes earlier, those times will be adjusted and announce accordingly)

We have made several changes this year that we think you will all like!!!

These are meant to improve the flow of things, make scoring much easier, make logistics much simpler, and make for a much better overall event.

No more "trailering" bikes up the mountain.

We are working with the City of Kellogg to provide an organized parade of motorcycles through the City and up to the starting line on Silver Mountain. 

Any gas cans will be moved up the mountain in the trailer that will be pulled behind the parade pilot vehicle. Riders will be responsible for marking, loading and unloading their own gas cans.

This will be a race to the finish ~ no timing out.

B Classes and Amateurs will race on Saturday.

A classes and Pros will race on Sunday.
Registration fee is $110 - this includes:

  • 1 Gondola pass
  • 1 event T-shirt

Additional gondola passes and and T-shirts will be available for purchase onsite.

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Silver Mountain Xtreme ChallengE Schedule of Events

Silver Mountain Xtreme Challenge


Silver Mountain Xtreme ChallengE Rules & Info

June 17-18 2017


Join us for the 2nd year of The Silver Mountain Xtreme Challenge - this is a challenging, hard enduro race on beautiful Silver Mountain in Kellogg, Idaho. The terrain is steep, treed, and rocky in places, with elevations reaching over 6,100 feet. Most of the mountain is accessible by chairlifts, which make for great spectator viewing of this event. 

Bike Parade:           
All bikes must stay behind the pilot vehicle
Do not leave the road at any time.  We will be riding through the City of Kellogg and up a private dirt road that crosses the property of several private landowners before we reach the mountain.  All of these people are allowing this procession as a courtesy to this event.  Please conduct yourselves in a courteous and respectful manner while riding to the mountain, so that we will be allowed to continue with this parade in the future.  No” boon docking”, “high marking” or leaving the road for any purpose.  We will have a parade tail vehicle that will be there to assist if you should have any problems or need assistance during the parade route.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disqualification from the race with no refund.

Do not attempt to leave the mountain on your bike before the pilot car leaves.  There are many mountain bike trails that cross the mountain road; and regular travel is not allowed on the road.  This bike parade has been pre arranged only for this event.  All bikes must proceed back down the mountain in between the 2 pilot vehicles.  If any rider or their bike are not able to make it down the mountain under their own power, we will arrange to haul your bike back to the Gondola Parking Lot in the pilot car trailer.  The rider will be able to ride down the mountain on the gondola or in one of the pilot vehicles.

Gondola Passes: 
Each entrant is provided a gondola pass with their entry fee.  You will find your pass in your registration packet.   This pass is good for 1 person to ride up and down the gondola as many times as you would like for an entire day and must be clipped to your clothing.  You may use it for a family member, pit crew member, or for yourself if you want to go up the mountain before or after your race or to watch the races on the day that you are not participating.  Everyone who accesses the mountain to spectate will need to purchase a gondola pass; and we will have them available for purchase at the registration table.

Race Course and Finish:  
Stay on the marked course!  Do not cut the course – we will have spotters out and you will be disqualified for “cutting” the course.  Once you have finished the race, whether you have completed all of your laps or not – you will need to check in with the finish line staff and notify them that you are finished, so that you can be properly accounted for and scored.  There is no guarantee that you will be properly scored, if you do not check in!!!